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Jo Lawn - 7x NZ Ironman Champ and #1 Em's Power Cookies Fan!

Late last year, I was at the ITU Triathlon World Cup Expo at the Auckland Viaduct. I spotted Jo Lawn across the crowd of people chatting with friends. I had never seen Jo in real life before, and she looked really beautiful, relaxed and engaging. So part of me wanted to go up to her and give her some Em’s Power Cookies to try, but I was a little shy (believe it or not!). Next thing I knew, Jo and her husband Armando were standing in front of our booth exclaiming, “OMG… are you EM??? We LOOOOVE your cookies… they are just the best…!!!” etc, etc. I was really flattered, surprised and humbled to have the great Jo Lawn paying me such wonderful compliments about my cookies. Jo and Armando also had a real appreciation for my business, and respect as a small entity trying to make it in the tough competitive market. Meeting Jo and Armando really made my day, and further affirmed that my cookies truly are “the goods”.

Since then we have started supplying Jo with some sponsored product and here are some of her thoughts and feedback:

“Lovinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg my cookies..... They are soo good...... I even had a Chocolate Oat Explosion the night before my Tauranga race!! It obviously worked a treat. I have been having some stomach issues when I race, so I try and eat pretty plain foods the day prior to racing. Your cookie was awesome, pretty much one of my only races that I haven't had to stop for the bathroom!!!!  Yippee.....”

“Armando and I have one every morning and then after swimming and then on the bike!!!! I think I need to order some more!”

“The feedback is going awesome.  People want to buy your cookies everywhere!!!  Even a request from a mate in Aussie!!!!”

Thanks Jo – you’re amazing! I wish you all the best in getting Ironman NZ title #8 Em’s Power Cookies will help you get there for sure.


Published by Emily M. on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 in Em's Blogs, In the Media. Comments: 1


  • Posted by Ian Bunting on Thursday, February 02, 2012

    Destiny - the Ironman market for you will explode when Jo wins in Taupo!!!!! Will you be there????? Don't forget that my friends in Kona should be part of your global step to nutritional rock goddess stardom!!! Good luck for your husband's CtoC race. Power on, Ian

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